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There is a great need in Africa for Biblical pastoral training.

One trained and faithful pastor can change the world.

Please pray with us and give to support these pastor conferences.


The Story of Exodus Vision is a book that had to be written, a story that had to be told. Drawing from the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land, the author compares his life and the journey of African churches to an exodus experience where God transforms the author’s mess into a message of hope. He believes that the same God can convert the trials of every reader of this book into incredible testimonies. The Story of Exodus Vision is an account of amazing stories from different people. The book is not about a man but about a God who doesn’t waste anything that happens to us, including our pain. Throughout the book, the author invites you to join the Exodus Vision team as they continue to help God’s people in their exodus journey. To echo Dr. Goble’s response to this book, “Read this book at your own risk, for you might find your heart ‘strangely warmed’ by the Spirit of God.”

The mission of Exodus Vision is to equip African churches for: Evangelism, Education, Economic Development.
We have been focusing on Malawi, and now the Lord is opening exciting new doors into Mozambique.
Finding the volunteer opportunity that best suits your skills, availability, and expectations can make all the difference here at Exodus Vision...
or you can find a project that you would like to
give towards.
First, we would ask that you pray for us. Second, please consider helping us financially. Your financial support will bring much needed aid and education to the people of Malawi and Mozambique. Your gift is tax deductible.​
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